This section of the website serves to communicate expectations. What should you expect of yourself as a member of NUW? What do you justifiably expect of others?

  • Members:
  1. Education: learn the 4 Keys and how they work. Understand the purpose, structure, and functioning of NUW.
  1. Participation: Attend House Group meetings consistently. Add value in your House Group by providing food and engaging in discussion.
  2. Action: Participate in the ideas, planning, provisions, logistics, and execution of House Group projects.
  3. Loyalty: Support your fellow members, your House Group, and Unity Central with your thoughts and efforts. Do not betray our purpose.
  4. Discipline: Act in accord with the LYNAY principle. Strive to never participate in violence of any type – direct, indirect, structural, or cultural.
  5. Courage: Know the value and necessity of what we work for. Your resolve will be tested. Be ready.
  6. Honesty
  7. Donations: Money fuels every kind of organization that accomplishes anything great. That’s simple reality. Your donations will be used to fund both local and global campaigns. You will see how your money gets spent when our annual audit report comes out. You will likewise see, in that report, my earnings and those of any paid members of my family (see “Accountability”). I can tell you that I do not expect to take any salary in the early stages. Once we get going strong, I will take a minimal salary.
  • House Leaders:
  1. All the same expectations of any member
  2. Provide a space for weekly meetings. If the leader is unable to provide a space of their own for a meeting they shall arrange for a suitable temporary substitute.
  1. Fiduciary integrity: Members should be able to justifiably place trust and confidence in their NUW House leader. The leader shall use all funds entrusted to them in the service of functions mutually agreed upon by House members or of functions directed by Unity Central. Members should know that the leader has their best interests, and the best interests of NUW, genuinely at heart in all endeavors. Any violation of Fiduciary Integrity shall be addressed in the most extreme seriousness. Any violation of civil law will be prosecuted.
  1. Accountability: Financial reports shall be presented to Unity Central when and as requested. Quarterly reports are expected.
  1. Service: The House leader may be called upon by members for counseling. Also, the House leader may perform, at their discretion, social services such as officiating at weddings and funerals.
  • Unity Trustees
  1. All the same expectations as any member
  2. Fiduciary Integrity
  3. Investigate disciplinary complaints against house leaders or the C.U.O.
  1. Render just decisions based upon LYNAY considerations for all members and the accused.
  1. Report decisions, the vote count, and the reasoning.
  • The Chief Unity Officer:
  1. All the same expectations as for any member
  2. Fiduciary Integrity
  3. Moral personal conduct
  4. Provide the vision and strategy for NUW
  5. Maintain financial records
  6. Accessibility: the C.U.O. shall make himself available to communicate with any House Group leader or Unity Trustee within 48 hours of proper notice unless such communication is physically impossible.
  1. Transparency: The C.U.O. shall communicate regularly with members, leaders, and trustees regarding the state of the organization. He/she shall produce annual financial reports make them accessible to members.
  1. In the event NUW becomes recognized legally as a tax exempt organization, the C.U.O. shall provide donors with statements appropriate for use in tax preparation.
  1. Maintenance and updating of the NUW website and Facebook page.
  1. Serve as representative of NUW in public forums.
  2. Provide content for most Empowerment House Group meetings
  3. Make decisions regarding the direction, services, and purchases for and by NUW.
  1. Oversee the Global Population Project
  2. Mediate, or delegate mediation of, intra-organizational conflicts.