Why NUW?

Neighbors United Worldwide addresses our biggest personal and collective challenges in a new way. What we’ve been doing up to now doesn’t seem to work. Let’s try something different. Does that make sense to you?

Personal challenges include job loss, divorce, loneliness, stress, fear of death, fear of financial difficulties, actual financial problems, sickness, fear of sickness, domestic violence, fear of crime, distrust of authorities, prejudice, and so on.

Collective issues include climate change, national debt, war for profit, access to competent health care, pollution, crime, corruption in government, unjustifiable income inequality, incarceration for profit, poor educational opportunities, infringement of privacy rights, and more.

The personal and the collective are intimately intertwined. Unjustifiable levels of income inequality, for example, lead naturally to increased personal stressors, divorce, multiple fears, and more crime.

The world lives under a corporate dictatorship. Corporations control virtually all national governments to some degree, directly or indirectly. These corporations, and the people who lead them, care only for short term profits. They may protest otherwise. They may make token philanthropic gestures. But the corporations that rule us don’t give a damn about us except insofar as we serve their purposes.

These corporations control virtually every aspect of our lives from government regulations and practices to the information we use to make decisions to the food we eat, the medical care we get, the costs of everything, our “freedoms”, and our work conditions.

One major goal of NUW is to create a sub-economies as independent as possible from the corporate dictatorship. Ultimately, the long-term objective is to conquer and replace the corporate dictatorship with a sustainable, just economy based in love of neighbors for one another. Is that too Pollyanna-ish for you?

Look at the conditions now. Look at where they are predictably heading. Why not try something new? NUW offers a plan, and a structure within which to implement it. The plan will change and adapt as it develops. You can be part of that. You can serve as a founding force to help drive positive change into the future. The plan will work. It will work if and only if you unite with others to make it happen. If you do that, we can not only save the world – we can make it better.

Do you ever get the feeling that something has gone very wrong in the world somewhere beneath the surface? Do you worry that you, a friend, or a family member may develop a healthcare issue that they can’t afford to deal with? Do you sometimes feel lonely or disconnected from others? Are you concerned about retirement?

Do big issues like climate change, low wages, resource depletion, non-representative democracy, income inequality, or police brutality bother you? Do you feel powerless to do anything about your concerns?

In many ways you are powerless. You’ve been made powerless by design. We have become divided from each other on the basis of race, political ideology, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, nationality, and on and on. We’ve learned to draw back from others with whom we have virtually any disagreement. But you can restore your power easily. Your power grows with connection. It grows with unity. A community in solidarity can accomplish incredible things. NUW provides a framework and a guide for that community to form, grow, and act boldly. We unite around a central core belief & behavior: I love my neighbor as myself because I am my neighbor. When we do that everyone wins. When we don’t do that, a few win big and the 99 percent lose. You are powerless alone. But together we ROCK! Watch out oligarchs, NUW is coming for yuw!