nuw-17Our Story

NUW developed from the Rational Revelation of Bud Clark. Bud has lectured on his Rational Revelation every semester from 2013 through 2015 at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. The revelation came to him as he commuted 3.5 hours roundtrip daily for work.

As Bud made that long, lonely trek each day he developed a mindful state of awareness completely circumscribed in the ever-changing present moment. Often he would arrive at work or home, and feel that virtually no time had passed during the trip.

One day he suddenly started noticing that he could sense the state of mind of drivers who passed him by. For example, one man sped past at a tremendous speed. Bud connected with him and felt his fear and anxiety; his wife had been involved in a terrible accident. The man worried that he might crash too, but he had to get to the hospital fast.

Bud reacted to this strange condition by thinking he was losing his mind. His wife agreed. The phenomenon lasted less than two days. It disappeared as suddenly as it began.

One car passed Bud and he intuited the driver’s feelings of joy as she listened to a song on the radio. Then the next auto passed and Bud got nothing. The switch had been turned off.

About ten minutes later a thought popped into Bud’s head, “What was that all about?” Bud, now convinced of his insanity, responded verbally (using slightly different language) “I have no idea!”  The next thought took him by surprise. “You’ve had a great gift. Everyone is connected. We are all one being.”

The thoughts kept coming, explaining the content of the revelation. That was 2008.

Bud did not accept the revelation as true. It seemed strange, and unlikely. But he felt compelled to try to make sense of it rationally. He did that by studying physics intensely for several years. Ultimately, he found the key to understanding the revelation when he resolved one of physic’s great paradoxes. He wrote a book explaining the science.

Then he realized people would not believe him. He learned why people believe or disbelieve ideas, and that led him to put the science book on the shelf. He understood that the science didn’t matter. Bud stopped speaking at UAB in 2016 to concentrate on writing A Future for the 99 Percent and to begin preparations to found Neighbors United Worldwide.

A Future for the 99 Percent debuted as an ebook in the Amazon Kindle Store on August 14, 2016. It laid the foundation for NUW.

The story of NUW has been limited up to this point. It has consisted more of ideas than actions. The time has come to fly.

You can become a founding member, if you are not one already. You can help write the next, and most important, chapter of the story.

Will we change the world? How will it happen? What will it cost us? Will we have the courage and persistence to make it happen? What will the change look like as it evolves? As you can see, the story of NUW has more questions than chapters right now. Let’s write the rest of the story together!