NUW serves as a framework for us to unite in solidarity to help one another experience more joyful and sustainable lives, and to help activate transform our world into one conducive to joy and sustainability for every Neighbor. Organization is essential to the realization of our purpose. Unity does not occur and survive spontaneously. Our power comes from persistent solidarity. NUW provides the necessary structure for that to happen.

The NUW House Group constitutes the backbone of Neighbors United Worldwide. It is where community develops. It is where the rubber meets the road. The individual is not the fundamental unit of NUW because solo effort has limited effect. It is the uniting of individuals toward common purposes that becomes powerful.

NUW Interest Groups will provide a forum for members to gather to share a common interest. A group of reader might form a NUW Book Club. Members who enjoy hiking might form a NUW Hiking Society. Members who want to serve as volunteers at a children’s hospital might enhance their efforts and their experience with a NUW group. Any interest that does not violate the core values of NUW may serve as the basis for a community. Nevertheless, the House Group is primary. All NUW members should find or create a NUW House home base. On the other hand, an Interest Group might function as a House Group as well.

NUW House Groups will eventually become organized into broader Pods which may come together to support one another in joint efforts.

Unity Central glues the entire system of NUW House Groups and Pods together cohesively. It maximizes the power of NUW by keeping all oars pulling in the same direction. It provides the overarching vision, and delivers content to members. Also, Unity Central oversees large scale activities. One example of such an effort will be a global mission to empower women, improve access to birth control, and promote smaller families in areas of high population growth.


NUW House Groups will meet at least once weekly. Each meeting will include food, fellowship, and content. Gatherings should include singing, meditation, and discussion of a specific topic.

Two type meetings will happen: Empowerment Meetings and Project Meetings. Sometimes the two may overlap.

The content of Empowerment Meetings will usually be provided by Unity Central. Members will view the content, then discuss it. Sometimes the House Group leader or a House Group member will present content for the meeting.

The topic of Project Meetings will most often originate within the group. Occasionally Unity Central may direct a project. Sometimes groups may combine to engage in efforts requiring larger scale. As more groups come on line we hope to facilitate the formation of Pods capable of responding to large scale emergency situations, like a hurricane disaster.

NUW is not an organization for idle philosophizing. Its intent is to change lives and change the world. Those goals require action. Community Projects constitute a key element in the NUW experience.

House Groups and Interest Groups maintain degrees of both autonomy and integration. Some autonomy is important to promote creativity and flexibility. Some integration is important to give NUW the power of solidarity, common purpose, and focused direction.

  • PLAN:

NUW goals include both personal and societal transformation. The proposed metamorphosis is so extensive that a single, consistent plan will not succeed. The strategy and tactics must go through multiple iterations to meet ever changing challenges as the mission develops. Today’s methods will not work in tomorrow’s environment. Therefore we must be flexible, observant, and creative. We must be both responsive and proactive.

NUW will provide tools, structure, and support for personal development. Each individual participating in the NUW community will develop depending upon their own efforts. As one engages with more effort, one will generate more growth toward stronger relationships, greater emotional stability, improved feelings of personal fulfillment, and a higher sense of purpose and belonging.

Societal transformation depends upon individual reformations. You cannot change society unless and until you change yourself. Assimilation of the beliefs communicated in the 4 Keys is essential.

The major structural flaw in our society that causes much suffering derives from the capitalist corporate system that has led us into a global oligarchy. This cloaked totalitarian framework has led us into a state of perpetual warfare. It has driven ever increasing income and wealth inequality. Inequality has metastasized into injustice. Crime, divorce, and suicide arise as side-effects.

The unregulated monopolistic control of information sources by the ruling class has destroyed journalism and the free press. Media divides us to conquer us. They confuse us to conquer us. They herd us through whatever gate they wish using fear as a primary prod.

NUW has two primary global goals. One involves reconstruction of politico-economic systems. The other involves the empowerment of women, universal access to birth control methods, and the promotion of small families. Both goals are incredibly ambitious, but can definitely be accomplished.

We must overthrow of the oligarchy, and replace it with just and sustainable systems. These systems will necessarily include safeguards to prevent the resurrection of the capitalist corporate dictatorship. This is nothing less than a global revolution.

Revolutions against huge odds have succeeded before. The Serbian people ousted their dictator, Slobodan Milosevic, in the year 2000. Egyptians overthrew Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Of course we all know that Gandhi led the successful revolt against British rule in India. And Martin Luther King Jr. marched black Americans toward genuine equality in the US.

All of those revolutions had two things in common. First, they succeeded. Second, they were nonviolent. Nonviolent revolutions have proven much more effective than attempts at violent overthrow. Furthermore, the post-conflict outcomes for the general public are better when the revolt uses nonviolent methods.

The key elements in nonviolent revolution is a critical mass, a unified resistance effort, and discipline in maintaining the nonviolent approach. Gene Sharp wrote about these tactics in his books. You will find them listed under the “Resource” tab.

Our struggle will be more difficult than any before due to the universal authoritarian power, the propagandistic monopoly, and the massive scale of the corporate oligarchy. If we simply start protesting, or organizing to put in new politicians, we will fail early and miserably. This effort requires a sophisticated strategy that develops and adapts in response to the current environment.

Our struggle begins in our own hearts and minds. Understand, accept, and practice the 4 Keys, especially LYNAY.

Then we organize, build our numbers, and engage in public relations efforts all simultaneously. We cannot make an overt move until we have a critical mass or something close to it. Otherwise the propaganda machine, the police, and the military will shut us down almost instantly.

These are the initial goals:

  • Perfect our organization, NUW
  • Build our membership
  • Engage in public relations efforts consistent with our core values and principles. Our public relations should consist primarily of intense, and very visible, community service.

Once we have sufficient numbers of members, and the public knows us as a high level service organization, and the police and military know us personal and understand our goodwill and good intent, then and only then can we make a run at the system.

Are you with me? Are you with us?