• Financial Accountability:

Each year, beginning with the 2017 calendar year, the NUW books will be audited by a reputable, independent accounting firm. All members will have access to the audit report. It will be posted prominently under the “Resources” tab on the NUW website. The salary of the C.U.O., and any members of his/her family employed by or in any way receiving funds from NUW, shall be listed specifically, and shall include all W2 and 1099 income.

  • Personal Accountability:

Every member of NUW shall be accountable for their activity.

The C.U.O. shall be accountable to all members and to the Unity


The Unity Trustees shall be accountable to the members.

Solidarity Squad members shall be accountable to their group leader.

Solidarity Squad leaders, including NUW House leaders, shall be

accountable to their squad members and to the Unity


Every member shall be accountable to themselves. The standard for

accountability is LYNAY. Do you love your neighbor as yourself

with the understanding that you are your neighbor? A daily

assessment is advised.